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August Flower Of The Month - The Poppy

August Flower Of The Month - The Poppy

Posted by Midwood Flower Shop on Aug 1st 2019


Poppies - August Flower Of The Month

Anyone who is a fan of The Wizard of Oz will be eager to hear that the flower for August is poppy! Poppies are striking flowers that start flourishing in June and throughout October. While these flowers are most known for their crimson color, they also come in white, yellow, pink, orange, blue, and violet. These flowers have an intriguing history, diverse symbolism, and attribute to medicine.

Poppies In History

Throughout time, poppies have been associated with war, especially World War I. The West and East Flanders of Belgium and the French branch known as Nord-Pas-de-Calais were battlefields known as the Flanders Fields. The soil on these fields was extremely damaged from the war, causing poppies to stop growing until the war ended. When poppies started to blossom again on these fields they became a symbol to honor the fallen troops that fought in war.


Poppies can have very diverse meanings depending on the color. Let’s look at the symbolism for crimson poppies. Knowing the association crimson and warm toned poppies have with war, it is no surprise these flowers symbolize death, memory, and blood for soldiers. The cool toned poppies including blues and violets represent imagination, opulence, and achievement. White poppies take on different meanings in the East and West. In the East white poppies are common for memorials and in the West they suggest peace and rest. While all of these colors portray different meanings as a whole poppies are heavily associated with sleep.

Poppies in Medicine

One of the peculiar traits most fans of The Wizard of Oz might be familiar with is the sedative sap this flower produces. The sap has been used throughout history in Egypt, Ancient Greek, and Roman societies. Moreover, poppies have been a source for the medical world. Opium, morphine, codeine, and many other drugs are produced using additives from poppies. Whoever thought these brightly colored flowers would be the source of world changing medicines?

How to Plant and Care for Poppies

Ever wonder how to plant and care for poppies? These vibrant flowers don’t need much to make them flourish. During autumn and winter is when you should begin the sowing process. Poppies need exposure to cold weather in order to grow properly. Keep location in mind when planting. Poppies need exposure to sunlight to thrive! Before planting, make sure you plant poppies in an area that has good soil drainage. Once the poppies have grown, only water them when they feel dry, over watering them can cause them to decay.

Let’s not forget to embrace and celebrate poppies this August! These astonishing flowers will always make a statement whether it is for their history, unique qualities, or their beauty. If you’re looking to brighten up your home or office with a pop of color, check out Midwood Flower Shop in Charlotte! We specialize in floral arrangements and offer an extensive delivery service. Surprise a friend or family member this August with a fun bouquet!


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